How to Prepare Your Home for Renovation

Breathing new life into your home can be an exciting time. However, before enthusiasm gets the better of you it’s important you know what to expect and are fully prepared for the renovation. In order to help you understand and prepare for the building work to take place we have compiled the following handy checklist below!

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Things You Should Know:

If you have employed the services of any reputable builder, they would have provided you with a renovation schedule. Within the schedule there may be highly disruptive stages, which you should try and plan to stay away from your home during.

Providing Access

Providing keys and alarm codes to your builders is a great way to ensure the renovation work does not start disrupting your life. You may also want to consider beefing up your home security and moving any highly valuable items that opportunist thieves could notice when there is work going on in your home.

Children & Pets

Renovation sites often pose dangers to children and pets. You should consult with your builder before any work takes place, as to dangerous areas children should be kept away from. It’s also important you provide instructions as to any gates or doors that should remain closed to ensure pets don’t get out.

Preparing for Your Renovation

Renovating your home often provides the perfect opportunity to have a good clear out. The less clutter your home presents the easier it will be for the builders to complete the work. You could sell items that are in good condition on auction sites, or possibly give them away to a charity shop. (We have attached a link directly through to the MS society, a charity close to our hearts.)

You should pack away as many possessions in sealed boxes as possible. Any furniture you are concerned may become damaged with dust should be covered. It’s also important you get all your important stuff together and put it all in one place, as once work starts it may seem impossible to find anything.

To prevent dust from traveling easily throughout your home all air vents should be closed throughout the duration of the renovation work.

All entrances should be clutter free and clear of any plant pots and other decorative items as your builders will be moving materials and other items in and out of the property.


If the renovation work includes a makeover of your kitchen, it’s likely it will be out of action for a period of time. Before work starts you should set up a temporary kitchen with essentials like a microwave, kettle and non-perishable items like soup and tea and coffee. While your temporary kitchen will not provide you the ability to cook a Michelin star standard meal, it will ensure you can prepare an edible meal.

Managing Stress Levels

The upheaval and general chaos renovation work can bring to your home, often causes high stress levels. At Roman Builders Bristol, we always address our clients concerns and work closely alongside them to plan and execute renovation work that causes a minimum amount of disruption.

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