General Construction


Roman Builders Bristol is proud to be able to cater to almost any construction enquiry that comes our way within the Bristol & South England area. The construction companies that we work with focus on what matters most, which is making sure that any construction work completed is to the highest of standards; not only the standards of yourself as a customer, but to meet our standards as one of the leading construction companies in Bristol.

Over the years our partner building team in Bristol have completed a various number of high profile construction jobs around the South West of England, most notably the Gloucester Quay project that is stupendous and attracts a great number of visitors each year. With the experience in hand Roman Builders Bristol have the experience required to complete any job to a high standard.

As we have partnered with only the most quality and commendable construction companies, we know that they will do nothing but impress you with the broad range of work they can complete as well as the level of quality in which they complete the work. We completely respect every customers time because Roman knows that time wasting experiences with poor tradesmen does nothing but make you lost faith in construction companies as a whole.

We want to completely take that element out of it, when you come through to one of our team members, we will advise you of exactly when you will hear from one of the master builders from one of the construction companies we partner with. Getting any construction work completed should be a simple process!

We cater to a range of construction activities which are listed below ;

  •  House Builds
  •  Scaffolding
  •  Plant Hire
  • Foundation Work
  • Brickwork
  • Structural Work
  • Concrete Maintenance
  • Slab Resurfacing