Home Extensions


Increasing space in a property is sometimes the most logical way to number one, increase the value of your property and number two, make it a much more comfortable experience overall to live in. Home extensions have become the number one choice in terms of increasing space as moving houses have now become not just an expensive option but not actually a financially viable option. With the housing market still uncertain eight years after the crash of 2008 more and more homeowners are staying put and deciding to alter their property and not move; this is a sensible choice and means over the last 8 years better designs, better materials and overall a better craftsmanship has been used to create open and beautiful spaces.

With all the experience we have in building a great home extension here at Roman Builders Bristol we love carrying out these projects. Home extensions really do transform houses and can turn any house into a Tardis; if it is that child’s playroom you are after to keep the house more organised or just the adult chill out room every homeowner and parent longs for then why not just do it! First of all you will need your plans and planning permission, after that you can then start to think about building that amazing space that will literally transform your home.


House extensions can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Believe it or not a porch is classed as an extension, yes it may not be the space you are thinking of but porches are actually a nice way to keep the wet from coming in all the way through the house.  They are generally simple structures that require dwarf brick walls and then a wall and some plastering, on some occasions the bricks are left completely bare. Again conservatories are classed as a home extension and they are a great way to create the outdoors indoors. We also carry out the main types of extensions which included but are not limited to orangeries,  single story extensions, double extensions, garage extensions, over structure extensions and of course the most popular, a loft conversion.

Types of Home Extensions

  • Orangeries
  • Single Storey Extensions
  • Double Story Extensions
  • Over Garage Extensions